Why Aluminum


Minimal Maintenance and Service :

  • Just use water and sponge to clean the frames and especially the profiles connection .
  • Once a month you may clean the exterior frame surface .
  • Cleaning frequency is related to climatic conditions (regions near seas or lakes require frequent frame cleaning).

Coloring :

Modern decoration traits request a variety of colors which aluminum profiles can supply. Additionally, following a special surface treatment called “sublimation”, they can be offered in several wood effect / timber like appearances .

Insulation :

Aluminum window frames with “double glazing” systems provide high levels of heatinsulation and sound / noise reduction 

Durability :

Aluminum frames offer greater durability than all other materials .

Recyclable :

Aluminum is a 100% Recyclable material .

Unlimited construction capabilities :

Aluminum can be shaped in any size and form (big openings, arch-shaped frames, suitable for building facades, etc.) .

Special types of construction :

Curtain walls, railings and other applications or uses in various price ranges .